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Hi Here are the photos of your child enjoying their time at Preschool. The photos are natural and unposed. I have tried to capture them doing a range of activities, indoor and outside, including snack time. You can purchase them individually as beautifully mounted prints (in colour or black and white). Please see the samples I have left at Preschool. Or you can buy all of them (including the black and white images) on a CD or USB memory stick. These are high res and ready to print images. I hope you consider this option as I have taken lots of photos and it represents really good value for money. You can enjoy viewing them directly from the CD or you could print them off and put them in an album or photo book and therefore make a unique and lasting memento of your child's special time at Preschool. A keepsake to treasure! Please could I have all orders before 11th July so that I can process them and have them ready for you before the end of term. Hope you enjoy viewing the photos!

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